My Sister, Can You Dig This!

181026_10152660990255434_2130365072_nScotty Scott’s “A No Nonsense Guide to Life”
My Sister Page and aspiring author writes:
I WANT TO LET GO…..I want to lounge in his love. Relax in his confidence. Sleep peacefully in the security of his protection. Fall back behind his leadership. I want to wake up and stretch every morning in the sunshine of his presence. Drift away soundly every night in the intimacy of his embrace. I long to feel the abundance of his provision as we pursue the promise, partners on the journey.

I want to be vulnerable and emotionally naked in his honesty. I need him to hold me together in difficult times under the covering of his prayers.

This is the home for which my heart awaits. This is the BAND that my house requires to feel like a home. This is my HUSBAND…(The band around my house, the head that completes me)…Miss More Roses if you like her words click & like her page

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