Soulfully Delicious!


The Urban Chefs mission is

“To earn a position in consumers minds as a manufacturer of high quality food in the specialty foods industry…”

Americans have a love affair with food perhaps unequaled in the history of this country. For centuries we’ve brought the piquant tastes. During good times or bad, food provides a time for communion and relaxation.

Like much of American culture, cooking has become an integral part of the American culture. Urban Chefs will present our food at its finest, offering treasured secret recipes, handed down from generation to generation, capturing the rare essence of Soul Food.

Urban Chefs will feature mouth-watering recipes prepared and only the finest of ingredients are use in our gourmet line of products. In the tradition of African-American Culinary Heritage, capturing the contrast of the old, the new, and the future need of our customers. Urban Chefs believes that there is an opportunity to provide its customer with unique service and a quality product.

-Urban Chefs

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