Houston Black Book

Meet the Publisher …

Hi, my name is Craig L. Amos (aka “Clamos”) and I want to change the world.

As a black business owner and American citizen, I decided to start blogging a few years ago to share my experiences as I work with others to showcase their businesses to a like-minded community.  Recently named Publisher of the Year for Houston Black Book, I am also the founder of CBA Media Group, a digital media company which incorporates a dynamic new online magazine site called HoustonWeeklyMagazine.com; founder of the long-shot Black American Stock Exchange (BASE — which, doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell at succeeding); and, of course, professional graphic designer.  I contribute to a number of media outlets discussing entrepreneurship and social issues.  Including, but not limited to, past and current outlets such as: CNN’s The Price of Business Show w/Kevin Price (as a regular guest of the show); Chron.com (Houston Chronicle online); BlackInAmerica.com (when it was sane).




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