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PM Trim

PM TRIM is a quality product, formulated with amino acids and herbs specially designed to help accelerate the metabolism and to promote weight loss while you are sleeping.

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PRECAUTIONS: These products are not recommended for children under 18, women who are pregnant or nursing. Not recommended for persons with thyroid disease or high blood pressure. AM Slim is not recommended for persons with caffeine sensitivity. AM Slim or PM Trim should not be mixed with Enerlife or Thermogen Tea.




Depression: The Black Community’s Dirty Little Secret

Like many of the estimated 19 million Americans suffering from some form of depression, Shanice Watson didn’t realize the crippling mental disorder had grabbed a hold of her until her world began falling apart. Once a six-figure corporate executive with an apartment in the heart of New York City, Watson has had to get by on mostly unemployment insurance since she found herself jobless in the wake of Wall Street’s collapse two years ago—her savings, IRA funds and other rainy-day accounts all but dried up.

Depression: The Black Community’s Dirty Little Secret


Response to “Soul Food Junkies” – Deciphering Fact and Fiction



The first reported heart attack in the United States was in 1912, and has steadily increased in the past 100 years.  By 1950, about 30% of American Deaths were due to Coronary Heart Disease and it had become the number one cause of death.   And the numbers have skyrocketed since then. The cancer rates are very similar. Cancer is now tied with Heart Disease as the number one killer of all Americans. Some estimations say that Cancer deaths are 1 in 3 Americans. These are very high rates, and despite what some may try to argue, it was NOT always like this.  So, is Black American Soul food really to blame?  People were not this sick 100 years ago and they certainly were not eating Raisin Bran and Skim Milk, Almond Milk or Rice Milk. They surely were not eating turkey bacon and skinless, boneless chicken breasts and microwaved food.  And they certainly weren’t drinking soda or kale juice.  So, let’s really take a closer look at the nutritional and culinary properties of Afro American Soul Food and the “Soul Food” from other parts of the Black World.


The Detroit Black Community Food Security network


The Detroit Black Community Food Security Network (DBCFSN) was formed in February 2006 to address food insecurity in Detroit’s Black community, and to organize members of that community to play a more active leadership role in the local food security movement.  We observed that many of the key players in the local urban agriculture movement were young whites, who while well-intentioned, never-the-less, exerted a degree of control inordinate to their numbers in Detroit’s population.  Many of those individuals moved to Detroit from other places specifically to engage in agricultural or other food security work.  It was and is our view that the most effective movements grow organically from the people whom they are designed to serve.  Representatives of Detroit’s majority African-American population must be in the leadership of efforts to foster food justice and food security in Detroit.  While our specific focus is on Detroit’s African-American community, we realize that improved policy and an improved localized food system is a benefit to all Detroit residents.

Recommended by http://www.ArdyssLife.com/EmmasPlace. http://detroitblackfoodsecurity.org/history.html