Defining The Real Enemy of the 99%


I was listening to talk show host Mike Malloy last night on the radio and he was telling a story about a trip he and his family took into the forrest area of Northern Georgia, close to the Tennessee boarder. He talked about how the people there seem to be
uneducated, poor and a lot of them hooked on methamphetamine. He said he stopped at a gas station to get some gum and a woman came in who he thought was about thirty years old. She had no teeth, her hair was scraggly. She was twitching and scratching and looked like she was anorexic.
His point was that in America, we have a huge methamphetamine problem in a lot of these rural areas in the midwest and south, yet you don’t hear a lot about it in the co-opted media. In fact, it turns out that cities are safer than rural areas to live ( But you would never know that from listening to corporate owned and co-opted media outlets.
Most of these folks live in red states that are anti government, anti Obama and anti Black, Hispanic, gay, lesbian or what have you that’s different from them. They tend to vote Republiclan and against their own interest.
Here in Indiana, you hear stories of people robbing drug stores for ingredients to make meth. People have meth labs not only in their homes but in their cars and seemingly anywhere they can hook it up. These people are hidden by the media, you don’t see them on the TV like you see us every night, depicting them as criminals on every corner, waiting to rob or assault you in some kind of a way.
Yet their there, all over the place. But because their part of the “group”, their somewhat shielded from public view so we don’t see them as the threat to society that they are. You won’t hear Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly or any of the right wing talk show host depict them as thugs, welfare cheats, with broken families in the way they depict us.
This is sadly a portion of the 99% who have been convinced by the 1% that Black folks, the government, immigrants, gays, lesbians and unions are their problem.
They don’t seem to realize that their in the same boat as the rest of us 99%’s, because people like the Koch Brother’s and big business has done a fabulous job of dividing them from the rest of us. Convincing them that because their white, that their part of the 1% team and they should protect their interest over their own.
This is not to come down on people, but rather to point out that the efforts of the 1% has divided people based on race, class or whatever, and conditioned the 99%  to focus not on the power elite, but rather, we have been trained to turn on one another. It would be nice if the white middle and lower class who have bought into the 1% definition of who their enemy is would one day wake up and smell the coffee as to who their real enemy is, but because of their centuries old investment in White Supremacy, that’s going to be harder for them to kick that habit, than the habit they have being hooked on meth.
So our mission to put the 1% in check and the 99% in our proper place where we can make a decent living, with good wages and humane working conditions continues. We must not let the 1% define us as freeloaders and criminals who depend on the government for our survival. It’s up to us, as a people and as members of the working class to let people know who we are, that it’s okay to depend on a government that we support with our taxes, that gives us resources like good schools, roads, healthcare, social security and a progressive agenda that will lead to a world where our children can live in dignity and be the leaders in world and not the oppressed.

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