The March Must Continue


Now that the 50th anniversary of the  March on Washington is over, it should continue to be part of our daily lives to make sure it’s not over. The true significance of the March on Washington, was a passionate plea for equality, with strong emphasis on jobs and fair wages, and extending the American Dream to all. Even though the march was a good showing of people coming together, only if we can infuse the power that was generated there into concrete attainable goals will it really achieve equality, jobs and fair wages. Now we must march towards educating ourselves from the cradle to the grave on how to build businesses and institutions that will create jobs for us. We need to learn from the first march, that know one is going to give us a job. We have to create our own jobs. Not government, nor anyone else is going to provide the jobs we need to be self sufficient as a people. The best thing government can do for us is to ensure that we have schools and other educational institutions that educate us on how to write business plans, obtain funding and the know how to run our own businesses and institutions. One of the primary reasons our children are failing in school is because there is no end game for them, where they see that their education is going to lead to a business or job that will provide them with the income necessary to survive and thrive in America. Once we rebuild a strong business district in our communities that we control, then we can provide our own jobs, that will enable us to support strong families, that produce well educated children who can continue to build on the foundation that we provide for them. The power that was generated in the March on Washington must not be wasted on begging people to treat us equally, or to give us jobs. We must now use that power to rise up a and build strong communities throughout America and then the world. When we become self sufficient, we’ll no longer have to march for a job or equality, because we’ll have the power to provide those things for ourselves. Every family, church, school should from this day on be focused on utilizing the power of the March of Washington to repair what we have lost since our arrival in America.,_Tulsa,_Oklahoma#.22The_Black_Wall_Street.22. It is evident, that we must repair ourselves, because with the rise of the confederacy in America since the election of President Obama, we can’t expect anyone else to do it for us. March on to freedom my people, march on!

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