Focus on Owning Businesses


When we start putting as much energy into building businesses and institutions that create jobs that we do in playing sports. We’ll be able to rebuild Black Business Districts throughout the African Diaspora in record time. On any given Saturday or Sunday, you see lots of Brother’s on every football team who are in college or the pros. However, having those Brothers in those positions haven’t translated to prosperity for the Black Business Districts or our community. If we could get 75% of those Brother’s to either start a BOB (Black Owned Business) in the community that produced them, we would be well on our way to restoring the resources we’ve lost as a result of European Colonialism and Imperialism. We must encourage these Brother’s (in any sport or profession) to use their resources to invest in Black business districts so that we can rebuild the Black economy.

When we learn how to dominate business the way we dominate sports, we will once again dominate the world!




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