How Can We Benefit From The Obamacare Boom?


A disproportionate amount people with no health insurance also happen to be black.
Nationally, starting Oct. 1, many of us who don’t have health care coverage on the job can go to online insurance markets – also called exchanges – to shop for a private plan that can improve our access to healthcare. An estimated 4 out 5 consumers in the new markets will be eligible for some level of tax credit.
Come Jan. 1, insurance companies, who have historically exploited us, will no longer be able to turn our people away who have poor health.
The Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, is estimated to increase spending on healthcare by more than $620 billion through 2022. An estimated 11 million Americans will gain health coverage through the Obamacare exchanges in 2014, with up to 30 million previously uninsured individuals obtaining insurance by 2022. The good news is that many in our community will now have access to health care services other than emergency care.

Billions upon billions of new spending means that some organizations in our community will be on the receiving end of some of that money. How can we benefit financially from this increase in spending on healthcare? Do we have or own any clinics or hospitals that can receive some of this money? Do we have any company’s that provide outsourced staffing, including health-care professionals and administrative services workers, to hospitals and other health-care providers who will be in a position to get some this money? In addition, we have several patients in our community who will need to buy medications somewhere. Will we be the employee’s or owners of drug stores that provide these services in our community?
The big boom in health-care spending is on its way and Obamacare is rewriting the rules for the health care industry, and in the process of doing so, it’s creating massive opportunities for our people on many levels to profit.
How? By becoming owners of businesses and institutions that provide healthcare to our people. Now is the time for Black medical schools and other non Black schools medical students to use their expertise to not only benefit from the Obamacare boom to our economy, but also be the major providers of healthcare services to our people.
The African American community can no longer permit itself to be “legitimately” economically exploited by non-African American communities who work in the hospitals and drug stores who profit from our lack of ownership. By us not being in control of these businesses and institutions, we’re leaving ourselves to be criminalized due to unemployment and a lack of ownership.  The African American community can no longer be addicted to wasteful and nonsensical consumerism.

Obamacare gives us an opportunity to invest our wealth and human resources in ourselves by committing ourselves to controlling our own healthcare institutions. This is an opportunity for us to put our youth and our overall community in a position not to be criminalized and subjected to the increasing impoverishment. Because by having our own, we can provide the resources and jobs we need to thrive as a people.  If we choose to do so, we can use Obamacare to help improve our own health and wealth.

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