I’m sure that by now many of us have heard about NBA player Matt Barnes use of the N word in a tweet and sports commentator Micheal Wilbon defending his use of the word. There’s a lot of positions out here about that word, but I think we as Black adults have to make sure that we explain to our youth what that word really means. The word Nigger is the single word that explains or captivates the process that turns a once proud African people into a self hating slave. In that single word you have the chains that were put on us when we were captured in the Motherland. The dehumanizing march to the shorelines to be shipped away like animals to the Americas. The Middle Passage, where we rode for 6-8 weeks like sardines at the bottom of the ship. The sale on the auction block like live stock. The loss of language and sense of history. The destruction of the Black family. The loss of centuries of wages, education, healthcare. That Niggerizing experience has turned  us into Niggers and everything we have done since being in America has been an attempt to repair what the slave experience broke in us and stole from us. Yes that word is a powerful word and when people say it, they need to know what it really represents. That process in no way is a term of endearment. Rather, it’s a term of degradation and we need to make sure our children know what it really means and why we have struggled to replenish what it has taken from us.

By Kefing Moor

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