How do we escape being called a thugs


When you control the institutions that govern a peoples lives, you determine who lives in the suburbs and who lives in the ghetto, who gets a job and who doesn’t, who gets medical care and who doesn’t, who gets a good education and who doesn’t, who eats good and who starves. This is not an accident. The people who control the system uses it for his/her benefit. The people who are not part of the control group, get what’s left. Not only do we get whats left, but deliberately, consciously,  and systematically we are kept powerless so that we can’t seriously threaten the 1%’s control.
 Our children are deliberately kept ignorant so that they will not be too competitive. In a computerized age, the educational system is designed so that we don’t learn about computers. We are still being taught horse and buggy skills and ideas. This is by design. We live in a world where we are disadvantaged in ways that are not always obvious.
So when a person like Richard Sherman “escapes the ghetto” and goes to a Stanford and then becomes a professional football player, or has a good job, making money that allows them to drive a nice car and have a nice home, have a beautiful wife/husband (if they have one). It is easy for a person with that type of status to think that he/she has “made it” in this world.
But when you do or say something that the group in power disagrees with or feels threatened by, like the comments that Richard Sherman made after the Seattle Seahawks win over the San Francisco 49er’s, none of that so called status or the material things you have protects you from hearing how those in the group that has power really feel about you. That you’re a thug, a monkey or an ape. Because what you have materially, or the school you went to has nothing to do with how the dominant culture sees you. As long as we don’t control the system which determines what material things we have, or how we are shown in the media, we have no dignity, because we don’t have any power. Unless you own the system and everything it produces and provides,  those who do have the power to determine your quality of life, or in Brother Shermans case, how he’s perceived as a thug.
Until we control the system that provides us with the material things we need or desire, we’re only being permitted to exist in the midst of that system which is controlled by someone else. So until we figure out that we must control the businesses and institutions that provides us with the things we need to survive and thrive, we will always be dependent on someone else for our existence and therefore subjected to being called all types of derogatory names by those who are in power, because a people without power have no dignity until they build a system of power for themselves.
It’s nice to have an education like Brother Sherman has and all the material things that the system offers, but until we have our own system, we are just 40 million dollar slaves, thugs, apes, monkeys and the N-word in the eye’s of those in power and even in the eye’s of ourselves.
As an individual, you cannot escape the powerlessness of the group to which you belong or are perceived to belong to. You can’t march or protest your way out of powerlessness. The way to be respected as an individual, is to be a part of a group that is self sufficient because they own their own institution and as a result have power. Only then will we be respected on a global level as a people, because we will determine our own destiny when we take ownership of the businesses and institutions that control our lives.

By Kefing Moor

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