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Please watch this video about Ngozee Beauty, a health and beauty company based in Atlanta, GA.

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The African Market Mall Online (AMMO) is proud to feature

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Our mission is to provide top quality products to enhance a beautiful and healthy life through patience and persistence focusing solely on introducing you to your core self.

Ngozee Beauty had been open since the year of 2009, serving the Atlanta Metro area. We are know expanding across the United States. We believe that other cities and states need to experience our great products also!

Ngozee Beauty was one of our first BOB’S (Black Owned Businesses) on the AMMO (African Market Mall Online) and we are very proud to feature her products and services. We urge you to support the business and share it with your family, friends and fans.

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Phone (404) 287-6700



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An Appointment With Ardyss Will Change Your Life!



Reshape your body from the outside-in!

Ardyss’ reshaping garments were designed with superior quality and materials by our team consisting of an orthopedic surgeon, a textile engineer, as well as expert designers and tailors, to help create garments that improve individual’s overall health and wellbeing.

We implemented orthopedic principles to fine lingerie. During development we avoided using iron ribs and rigid pieces that could be hard and annoying, and instead replaced those items with bands and materials with elasticity. As a result, the garments deliver amazing benefits and comfort.

Our high quality reshaping garments are designed to contour and transform your figure while supporting your spine and improving the appearance of your posture. Instantly look 2-3 sizes slimmer and feel your self-confidence grow.

Visit our web site at