The Media Slant

1407876204027-Brown-gallery-28Has anyone else noticed how CNN is showing the alleged taking of some cigars by Mike Brown is being shown over and over again. While nothing has been shown to explain how this unarmed young man (who reportedly had his hands up) got shot by an armed police. This is a clear example of how the news media is used to support crimes by the powers that be and use character assassination against our youth in an attempt to prove that the cop was justified in shooting them. This isn’t journalism, this is propaganda to convince people that this young man “deserved to die” for allegedly stealing some cigars. An objective media would also show what happened that lead up to the murder of this young man and the circumstances that would lead a cop to shoot an unarmed man with his hands up. Only in a sick world does merchandise mean more than a Black child’s life and only until we vote out the people who put these people in charge of attacking, not protecting our community will it change. As a people, we need to ensure that this stops happening to our youth by kicking out anyone who’s so “afraid” of us that they execute us in the streets because they know they can get away with it. Across the country, we need to keep this movement going to make sure that we have people who look like us and who have a relationship with our community as our police. These people who come from outside of the our community, have been socialized for years to hate and fear us and have business being on any type of police force in our communities. We need young Brother’s and Sister’s on these forces, who live in our communities and get paid by our tax dollars to protect us. Which would also add to our economy because these young people would have jobs where they can also support our local economy’s. Until that happens, we will continue to have these incidents where people from outside of our community pray on our people because their “afraid” of us. We don’t need coward patrolling our streets, we need upright citizens who are of the People and for the People and not the corporate interest that is now controlling these police forces and everything else in our community.


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