The African Market Mall Online is proud to introduce you to Kyvan!

KYVAN™ is a line of soul food and tailgating food, created by NFL Pro, Reggie Kelly and his wife, Sheila.

Their mission is for every household to taste KYVAN™ and #AppreciatetheGoodness!

It was Reggie’s wife, Sheila, that came up with the idea of a food line so they could share some of the southern flavors. KYVAN™ remains a family affair.

KYVAN™ can be found in various locations (Walmart; Food Depot, GA; Albertsons, La; Wayfield Foods; Little Farmers Giant Market; Hitchcock’s Market; Western Supermarket; Food Outlet, so many more) check for the exact locations and to purchase online It is also featured on the African Market Mall Online Facebook page at!

Google+: KYVAN™

KYVAN™ can also be found on ETSY and 9thandelm for purchase.