Answering Mother Tubmans Call

The wife and I finally got a chance to watch Straight Outta Compton family. Yeah, I know I’m late, but hey, we saw it. It was a great movie in my opinion, with a lot of teachable moments in it. Like the story line where Cube was hip to the manager early on that was ripping them off. It took Easy and Dre a lot longer to figure it out, but they did eventually. But the other part for me was when Dre’s mom was pissed at him for not following the path she knew and had been socialized to believe was the only way to success. You go to school, get a degree, get a job and work to make somebody else rich while they keep you in check with pay (paycheck). That’s only enough for you to maybe survive. Or if not, you have to have two or three of them to survive. But then you burn up all of your time because you’re on a job all the time. Keeping you away from your family just like Dre’s mom and many other mom’s and dad’s all over the country. But Dre rejected that path and created his own path that was driven by his passion to do what he loved to do. Produce music! If he had followed his mom’s path. Would we ever have heard of Dre? Many of us have followed the path his mom wanted him to follow, including me. In fact, I’m still on a job (just over broke). And don’t get me wrong, I’ve been able to send my children to college and provide a decent life for my wife. But in the end, I’ve finally discovered like Dre did (much earlier in his life), that a job isn’t the “Mountain Top”. It’s designed to keep us in check as workers, but it’s not designed to help us find financial and lifestyle freedom. Even doctors, lawyers and engineers, people who do make good money, have to burn up all of their time to make that money. Because that paycheck that stays the same for most of us, as long as we’re working a job can only do so much for us. Because someone else and not you. Determines how much that pay that keeps you in check is. But there’s another gear we can shift into, another height we can reach in life where we can free up our time and live the way God intended for us to live. With the ability to provide for our families, not just material things but with the experiences of the world that allows them to discover their passions and become what God intended for them to become. And that’s not by being an employee, giving up all of your time to produce for others to make them wealthy. It’s time we do something that makes us wealthy in all areas of life and a job just won’t do. Mother Tubman is calling you to strike out on faith. To prepare your escape while you’re on that soul sucking, underpaying, unappreciating job and do like Dre. Run from that job and follow your passion “Straight Outta Being Broke” to financial and lifestyle freedom! It’s your time to make that move and we can help you do it at JMG Networth It’s My Time, the Life Business.