Answering Mother Tubmans Call

The wife and I finally got a chance to watch Straight Outta Compton family. Yeah, I know I’m late, but hey, we saw it. It was a great movie in my opinion, with a lot of teachable moments in it. Like the story line where Cube was hip to the manager early on that was ripping them off. It took Easy and Dre a lot longer to figure it out, but they did eventually. But the other part for me was when Dre’s mom was pissed at him for not following the path she knew and had been socialized to believe was the only way to success. You go to school, get a degree, get a job and work to make somebody else rich while they keep you in check with pay (paycheck). That’s only enough for you to maybe survive. Or if not, you have to have two or three of them to survive. But then you burn up all of your time because you’re on a job all the time. Keeping you away from your family just like Dre’s mom and many other mom’s and dad’s all over the country. But Dre rejected that path and created his own path that was driven by his passion to do what he loved to do. Produce music! If he had followed his mom’s path. Would we ever have heard of Dre? Many of us have followed the path his mom wanted him to follow, including me. In fact, I’m still on a job (just over broke). And don’t get me wrong, I’ve been able to send my children to college and provide a decent life for my wife. But in the end, I’ve finally discovered like Dre did (much earlier in his life), that a job isn’t the “Mountain Top”. It’s designed to keep us in check as workers, but it’s not designed to help us find financial and lifestyle freedom. Even doctors, lawyers and engineers, people who do make good money, have to burn up all of their time to make that money. Because that paycheck that stays the same for most of us, as long as we’re working a job can only do so much for us. Because someone else and not you. Determines how much that pay that keeps you in check is. But there’s another gear we can shift into, another height we can reach in life where we can free up our time and live the way God intended for us to live. With the ability to provide for our families, not just material things but with the experiences of the world that allows them to discover their passions and become what God intended for them to become. And that’s not by being an employee, giving up all of your time to produce for others to make them wealthy. It’s time we do something that makes us wealthy in all areas of life and a job just won’t do. Mother Tubman is calling you to strike out on faith. To prepare your escape while you’re on that soul sucking, underpaying, unappreciating job and do like Dre. Run from that job and follow your passion “Straight Outta Being Broke” to financial and lifestyle freedom! It’s your time to make that move and we can help you do it at JMG Networth It’s My Time, the Life Business.


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Building a Championship Community

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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock these past two weeks, you should have some knowledge of two great stories about the Little League Baseball Tournament that was going on at South Williamsport, Pa. Where we saw a 13 year old phenom young lady named Mo’ne Davis of the Taney Dragons of Philadelphia and the Jackie Robinson West team from Chicago’s Southside compete for the little league championship. The young Sister, Mo’ne, with her 70 mile per hour fast ball, and beautiful long flowing dreadlockes flowing from under her baseball cap, drew big crowds at the tournament, and on  ESPN set a new record for the most-watched Little League World Series telecast. While the Jackie Robinson West team won the Little League Championship by beating Las Vegas 7 to 5. A team they had lost to days before 13 to 2. These two examples of African American children being successful can be and should be an excellent teaching model to our community in all areas. First of all you have great leadership from coach’s, parents and the children themselves. Secondly, you have structure, where the children are expected to show up on time and be ready to play the game with enthusiasm, focus and discipline. The youth are expected to not only perform well, but follow the rules of the game, respect the authority of their coach’s and game officials (referees) and be good sportsmen/women.  The AAU (American Athletic Union) system is a great model that can be used in all areas for our youth, that has produced many of the great athlete’s that we see today. These athlete’s are dedicated to their craft, they play it everyday, and that’s what separates them from other athletes. They play the game or some type of game year around. Which allows them to master their sport because they devote the time and effort necessary to make them real good at what they do. The same can be done for all other fields in our community, be it business, medicine, law, plumbing, electrical, computers, coding, music and the arts. You name it, we should be using this athletic model in all areas to produce world class citizens who not only make great wages, but can uplift our community to  a championship status that makes us self sufficient in all area’s of life. It’s no secret that our community produces great athletes and it should be no mystery that we can’t produce great everything by using the same model to produce great athlete’s and great leaders in all aspects of our lives. Using the model that produced Lebron James, Mo’ne and the Jackie Robinson West team, we can make our communities throughout the African Diaspora the championship caliber communities we should be in all area’s of life and not just sports.

By Kefing Moor

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The Media Slant

1407876204027-Brown-gallery-28Has anyone else noticed how CNN is showing the alleged taking of some cigars by Mike Brown is being shown over and over again. While nothing has been shown to explain how this unarmed young man (who reportedly had his hands up) got shot by an armed police. This is a clear example of how the news media is used to support crimes by the powers that be and use character assassination against our youth in an attempt to prove that the cop was justified in shooting them. This isn’t journalism, this is propaganda to convince people that this young man “deserved to die” for allegedly stealing some cigars. An objective media would also show what happened that lead up to the murder of this young man and the circumstances that would lead a cop to shoot an unarmed man with his hands up. Only in a sick world does merchandise mean more than a Black child’s life and only until we vote out the people who put these people in charge of attacking, not protecting our community will it change. As a people, we need to ensure that this stops happening to our youth by kicking out anyone who’s so “afraid” of us that they execute us in the streets because they know they can get away with it. Across the country, we need to keep this movement going to make sure that we have people who look like us and who have a relationship with our community as our police. These people who come from outside of the our community, have been socialized for years to hate and fear us and have business being on any type of police force in our communities. We need young Brother’s and Sister’s on these forces, who live in our communities and get paid by our tax dollars to protect us. Which would also add to our economy because these young people would have jobs where they can also support our local economy’s. Until that happens, we will continue to have these incidents where people from outside of our community pray on our people because their “afraid” of us. We don’t need coward patrolling our streets, we need upright citizens who are of the People and for the People and not the corporate interest that is now controlling these police forces and everything else in our community.

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