Building a Championship Community

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock these past two weeks, you should have some knowledge of two great stories about the Little League Baseball Tournament that was going on at South Williamsport, Pa. Where we saw a 13 year old phenom young lady named Mo’ne Davis of the Taney Dragons of Philadelphia and the … Continue reading

The Media Slant

Has anyone else noticed how CNN is showing the alleged taking of some cigars by Mike Brown is being shown over and over again. While nothing has been shown to explain how this unarmed young man (who reportedly had his hands up) got shot by an armed police. This is a clear example of how … Continue reading

The African Market Mall Online (AMMO) is proud to feature NGOZEE BEAUTY as our business of the week! About NGOZEE BEAUTY Our mission is to provide top quality products to enhance a beautiful and healthy life through patience and persistence focusing solely on introducing you to your core self. Ngozee Beauty had been open since … Continue reading